Thursday, February 19, 2009

Battle Royale...extra cheese no onions

Well the case is still coming together on what exactly happened the night Chris Brown and Rhianna made their presence felt within the world of domestic violence. All we know now is that yes, CB did infact crump all over Ri Ri's pretty face.

Now there have been many theories that have come forth. The only one that I've heard tat I thought worthy of an ass whuppin was the story that Ri Ri cheated on him, and a bi-product of that incident, gave Chris herpes(aka the gift that keeps on giving...yuck). But what I've been finding out is that some chicks don't even think thats worthy of an ass whuppin.


Now before anybody gets it twisted. I'm no advocate of beating up a woman...or anybody for that reason without probable cause...

2 causes worthy of an ass whuppin...

1. Self defense - You come at me trying to inflict damage...I will not only defend my safety, but make sure you think more than twice about trying me again. Hopefully if you're a chick, I can diffuse the situation without it getting that far...but every situation is different. Some chicks are strong

Some chicks can scrap.

Some chicks fight dirty.

Some chicks carry weapons....

etc...etc...etc...You can't just expect automatically, that if a chick jumps on a dude (trying to inflict damage or even worse...death) he can treat her like a kid and be like "Go'n somewhere".

2. Burning folks (std's) - Now I don't think you should peel them off, but definitely a 2 piece is in order. Thing is, I know for a fact that no one would even have a problem if the case was reversed. Women would be all on blog sites and shit talking about Ri Ri was good for not shooting Chris' ass. Straight up, your already in the wrong for cheating on them...which I think is dirty but not worthy of an ass whuppin...If that's the only offense, then the victim should just move on. But if the victim of infidelity gets burnt as a result of some dumb shit... I firmly believe... either somebody should get laid out (if it offends you that much I'll get my female homeys to do it...but somebodies eating pavement)or somebody has to do some jail time (where hopefully they'll gt their asses whupped repeatedly) because that shit is foul.

I would post a link to some nasty ass pic so ya'll can truly see where I'm coming from...but I'll save ya and just say go type herpes in google images.

What warrants an ass whuppin in your book???


  1. first of all: that's a man in a bikini right?

    secondly, unlike the bush regime i advocate diplomacy over really the only thing that i think would trip me up to lay hands on a person is if they threaten my children or are in the act of doing so. the pacifist in me might just give an active fist at that moment.

    I've just learned it's easier to live at peace with people than to try to create conflict. karma catches folks in the end anyways let em deal with that.

  2. I would beat the brakes off a woman if she attempted to really lay hands on me.. of course, I'd try to avoid the situation for as long as possible by dodging her punches like Neo and pushing her off me.. but sooner or later if she's still throwin' heat like Roger Clemens, I'm laying her the fuck out..

  3. I agree that every case should be treated individually, and that a man has a right to defend himself.

    But according to our laws, you can't put your hands on anyone in punishment. You would have to go after them legally for the STD sh*t.

  4. I too believe that NOBODY is above an ass whuppin. So...if you're a woman, swinging on a man, how can you be mad if he swings back? And if you're a woman, handing out herpes, how can you be mad if a man decides to punch you in the face? I know good and damn, if someone slips me the itchies and scratches, I'm calling my cousins to handle it, and i'm busting some windows.

  5. my father is a relatively large man...6'4.5, 260 lbs and mother, in comparison to him is small, 5'5 with no shoes on and when they got married, at 18, was about 125 lbs. My dad was about 190 back then and he raised his hand to her, she grabbed a cast iron skillet and said if he ever even THOUGHT about hitting her, she was defending herself so if he wanted the fight, bring it. She knew she wouldn't win but she was going down kicking his ass....that was over 30 years ago and no matter how insane my mother has acted, my dad has NEVER put hands on that woman a day in his life. He taught me, my sister, and my brother that if someone hits you, defend yourself if you CAN'T walk away. I'll teach my kids the same regardless of what anyone believes. Simply because me and my sister are females, we do not automatically reserve the right to hit and not get hit back. And that's my take on violence, which is why I've NEVER hit a man out of anger a day in my life...I don't want to get hit back LOL