Sunday, February 22, 2009

The wackness

I dunno if it's like this everywhere, but in the metro Detroit Area every Sunday at church hours they play gospel music on the majority of Black/urban radio stations. That's fine and dandy. Get ya praise on by all means. What I can't stand is that in the world of Hip Hop one of the biggest long standing rules is biters are frowned upon...and damn near every Sunday if you're listening to a hip hop station you'll hear a popular hip hop song completely reversed for gospel. That's wack as hell. I'll even put asside the fact that the "religious right" has been going hard on hip hop for the past few years, because obviously these particular folks don't think its that bad if they are using it as a tool to get their message across...but come on man...Come correct. Be original.


  1. I hear that!

    At my church here in Prince George's we let the youth ministry make original go-go songs praising God's word and power

    The youth cant stand gospel songs biting off hip hop songs that were already made. You can actually reach the generation of today without having to do it through already created hip=hop...and mainstream hip hop at that..

    The instrumentals of the go-go allows the kids to be really creative , its good stuff :)

    ::hopes anyone in the house knows about DC go-go music::: lol

  2. I can't listen to Kirk sometimes for that VERY reason...Mary, Mary though...they make me jump for Jesus every now and then LOL

  3. I'm more into traditional gospel music, but if biting hip hop brings more people to Christ, I could careless about them biting. Sometimes you have to reach people where they're at...and that's just a tool. And to be honest, almost every form of Black music was derived from gospel, it really biting? lol
    I see what you're saying though.

  4. What up Jay. I've always hated that. That's why gospel hip hop is frowned upon by hip hop heads, b/c it's usually someone totally jacking somebody else secular.

    I remember it used to a be a large guy who looked & sounded just like Biggie back in the days. I can't remember his name, but they used to make a big deal about him on the gospel station. A guy actually gave me an album by a group called Gospel Gangstas, & my co-worker & I used to try to give it to one another, cuz neither one of us wanted it. LOL