Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'd like to give a special shout out to...

"That punk ass dog"
You know the one. You'd be walking back to the crib after school. When Fido, the king of the assholes, sniffs your scent out of the air. He figures he has about a good 20 seconds or so til you walk past the gate that holds him captive. So what does he do? He goes and hides. And waits...And waits... And waits til you've just come to the edge of his gate. Then the bastard jumps out in a Jason Voorhies like fashion

and barks at you via megaphone. You damn near shit on yourself.

Actually... you do shit on yourself that first time... But you were close enough to the crib so nobody found out. You burned the evidence. And the following day, you chose another path to the crib that made Fido's job tougher.

Fuck you Fido!!!


  1. LOL!! Gotta send my brother over here to read this entry,this is his reality! Too funny!

    Oh and I read on Assertive Wits blog you hate when people dont comment so...

    "Dope Blog"

  2. We had a demon dog like this when I was growing up hahahhahahhaha we ended up putting his ass to sleep because he not only liked to bark like he had rabies in the brain, he also liked to randomly attack and bite us...I'll never own another German Shepard/ChowChow mix again!!!

  3. @Relevantly... : I think everyone has run into a dog like this at least once in their lifetime...I swear somebody's cloning the same dog over and over. Also, thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.

    @Assertive... :German Shepard/Chow Chow...sounds like that dog was battling some serious demons...lol. I also find it semi funny when the owners of these mean ass dogs get bit...smh...lol

  4. it was so not funny when that demon dog attacked my little 5 year old brother (he aint 3 now but you know what I mean)...my mom was beating it with her house shoe and broom...but the demon mutt was relentless...I always felt like he was Cujo's evil cousin. LOL