Tuesday, February 17, 2009

...stranger than fiction.

(Source: CBSnews.com)

Authorities say the mysterious white powder that prompted evacuations at the Eagle County sheriff's office last month has been identified as instant pudding. The powder, a parking ticket and a $35 money order were in an envelope that was mailed to the sheriff's office Jan. 13.

The incident prompted an evacuation, and two employees who came into contact with the substance were quarantined until a hazmat team determined the material wasn't toxic.

A report by the Eagle Police Department says infrared sensor equipment was used to identify the substance as Jello-brand instant vanilla pudding.

Police say the Colorado Springs man whose name was on the ticket has been on vacation and officers were only recently able to interview him. They say he had no explanation for the incident, other than to say he is "not a clean person" and that he probably picked up the powder while paying bills on his messy kitchen table.

The agencies involved have concluded there is no reason to continue the investigation.

Looks like Cosby is up to his old tricks again...smh.


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  2. this just made me smile right here! damn Cosby at it again

    good stuff!

    that last image though.. i have a pending headache at the moment. Too raw for my eyes

  3. i'm laughing at "not a clean person" being the explanation. how much pudding mix did this dude happen to drag with him onto the bill?

  4. hahahahhaha I bet the "authorities" feel like clowns for this

  5. teach me the moving picture trick???

  6. bwahahaha you are a fool for that, jay!