Thursday, February 19, 2009

"The Era of Swagger"

We are now living in the era of swagger.
Yep I said it.
It is probably the most commonly used word today

I use it.
You have used it.
Your favorite rapper uses it.
Newscasters use it to describe the current president.
Some of your friends misuse it...
They don't know whether its a noun, verb, or adjective(It's actually all of those things).
They just want you to use it when talking about them.

This is an amazing time we are living in people.
Take advantage.

Swagger (adj.) - marked by elegance or showiness
Swagger (noun) -
a self-confident outlook
swagger (intransitive verb) -
to walk with an air of overbearing self-confidence

We now live in a time where it is "in-style" to posses, look, feel, and move with an air of confidence.

So allow me to say for the first time in my life.
If there was ever a time to be a follower.
Now is that time.
Follow in that shit.
All that bullshit you used to think about yourself is "so last year".
So leave that stale shit behind in 08.
All that shit you said you couldn't do let that shit chill with the "Superman Dance", Those Bape styled overprint hoodies, and the first generation i-phone.
It's a new day.
And no it's not cool to your own thing.
Not this time.
Not with this.
So be there.
Or you might never be at all.
L 7 Weenie!!!

**Not a just came out looking like that.

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