Monday, February 16, 2009


I guess some thoughts are better off confined to a

I often wonder does Chris Rock have to go through bullshit with his wife after his comedy routines. If you've never seen a Chris Rock stand up over the past ten or so years...Chris goes hard on marriage. Like on some avalanche shit. He's been quoted as saying that "marriage is boring" and that women are generally single-minded/selfish. He basically vents a lot of taboo shit about relationships that would get any regular dude a first class trip to the dog house. If I were to ever meet dude, that would be the first thing I would ask him. Does he ever have to answer to his wife about the material in his acts or does she let it ride? I mean dude is a millionaire so he may answer to different rules than regular cats.

Anywho...I've said before that the main reason for which I blog is to express myself on my own terms. The problem with that and any action, for that matter, is that there are consequences. Which I personally think sucks...but that's life I guess. I suppose that means I should find (or rather just go back to) another place where I can express EVERYTHING on my own terms.

Back to the drawing board...literally.


  1. Oh man. Your girl didn't like that last post, huh?

  2. Damn. Smch. When [or where] do we get to be truly free to just be?!!!


  3. Aww Jay. I kinda did read it like, um, somebody's gonna be upset if she reads this, but I figured that she didnt read your blog. Or else why would you post that? lol
    You live and you learn.
    I made a mistake of telling too many people in my real life about my blog and a very close family member was upset about a few things, so I removed her from my subscription list so we wouldn't have anymore problems. And I made a decision that if I were to start up another blog, it would be much more anonymous. Some people don't like to be talked about in public forums, so it's understandable.

  4. It's all good. Everything got smoothed out. Like you said Suga..."A lesson learned"

  5. my best friend used to get pissed when I would write about him and I wasn't even writing anything sus...the rule now is to forewarn him and we far, I've had no more attitude out of him about it LOL

    I asked him if he ever got permission from any of the women he's written songs about...and the answer was no...double standards are a bitch. LOL