Monday, February 2, 2009


Super Bowl Interrupted with Pornographic Material

Tucson, Arizona

Updated 8:30a -- Comcast Releases Statement Apologizing to Customers

KVOA-TV is investigating pornographic material viewed during the Super Bowl by some Tucson area Comcast viewers. Just after the last touchdown by the Cardinals, approximately 10 seconds of pornographic material was shown. It appears this material was only viewed by some Comcast customers.

At this time, our internal investigation leads KVOA officials to believe our signal had no interruptions. "When the NBC feed of the Super Bowl was transmitted from KVOA to local cable providers and through over-the-air antennas, there was no pornographic material," states President and General Manager Gary Nielsen. The signal is transmitted from KVOA to Cox Cable via a fiber line. It is sent from Cox to Comcast through another fiber line.

Comcast has released a new statement today:

"We are mortified by last evening's Super Bowl interuption, and deeply apologize to our customers for the inappropriate programming. We are aggressively investigating the situation including the possibility of foul play," said Kelle Maslyn, Comcast Corporate Affairs Manager.

When we contacted Cox last night, we received this statement:

"We have received no evidence that any inappropriate material was broadcast on any of our channels during the Super Bowl. The alleged incident appears to be isolated to the Comcast territory. We will offer our support to all appropriate organizations to help them determine what happened," says Mike Dunne, Cox Director of Media Relations.

KVOA is dismayed and disappointed that some Comcast customers and their families were subjected to this material. Nielsen says, "KVOA will continue to investigate what happened to our clean signal and make sure our viewers get answers."


Looks like somebody got some free advertising...Not that porn really needs a commercial.


  1. hahaha i wonder how pornographic it and how many kids asked their parents the dreaded question.