Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the customer is usually WRONG

A friend of mine asked me to create something for them not too long ago. Initially when I asked them what they wanted they were like whatever comes to your mind. I'm like "Bet! An assignment with total artistic freedom...You can't beat that." So I get to work. I'm like 25% into the assignment...which really isn't that far....but I still put in a lot of work by that point...and the cat asks to see it. So I show it to em...

***This is ALWAYS a risky move. because 9 times out of 10 I don't care if you show them the sistene chapel the effin customer is gonna have the urge to put their input into it...even if they know nothing about the artistic process. I mean I understand the urge...because you are paying for it...but 9 times out of 10...every idea they have either sucks to high heavens...OR will take way more work to impliment than its worth.

Back to the story...The cat says they like it...but they want to change everything about it...smh


A brother needs to hurry up and get his masters so I can fore go all this nonsense and just do what the hell I want.


  1. tee hee :)
    I had a situation kinda like this before, but I told the person EXACTLY what I wanted but they added their own flair and it was a struggle to get exactly what I asked for. I guess it's a struggle on both sides.

    I liken it to writing. You write a story and then an editor comes and wants delete this, change this around...its heartwrenching.

  2. comes with the business...client has to be happy...but yeah it does suck because most times they don't really know what they want...or they know what they want but you know it wouldn't go well together...but whatever as long as they payin for it...it's on them.