Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Entrepenur class (cont.)

For all the cat's who have been paying attention to my blog...I'm currently in a class in which I'm allowed to do literally whatever I want. I've already posted a sketch in which I am planning on developing further for a skateboard deck. Recently, I've kinda put that on the back burner as far as the class goes and have been working on a figurine...or a toy for the cats that aren't with it.

That's right...there has been a huge trend in the design/art world in which many popular artists have made their own toys... Artists such as...

Takashi Murakami
Nigo (of BBC/BAPE fame)


and David Flores

...So when I found out I could do whatever the hell I wanted for this class I said to myself "Why not place myself among these greats?"

So basically I got to work on designing a toy (Pics coming soon). Weird thing about creativity is that once I started designing the toy I thought that the face of the toy would make a nice t-shirt as well... Which is extra dope for me because me and some of my friends were already putting a t-shirt line together...Here is the shirt design along with the company name we came up with...

**oh yeah I'm taking ideas for names...I have no idea what to call the character.

Stay tuned..


  1. Man. That t-shirt design is fly. Daydreamers... I love it, cuz the eyes put you in the mind of sleeping pills. I've heard a lot about Takashi Murakami. I've been meaning to research more of him & his work.

  2. I like this Jay! You can call your character Pills...since his eyes look like pills LOL