Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I don't have many pet peeves. I don't even like the term "pet peeve". I don't think it's clear enough...But I digress... I hate it when in a conversation it comes up that I'm an artist. Don't get it twisted, I'm not ashamed of what I do. I love it more than most things in this world. It's just that as soon as I bring it up that I am an artist some douchebag always is compelled to say...

Them:Word? So you draw? (Well that is usually part of it) I used to draw.

I usually can spot an a real artist a glance, but being the nice guy I am I usually humour them...

Me: For real? What stopped you?
Them: I never got good.

"No No No...I'm not out here rapping and acting...Spitting and Skitting...We are not the same [homeboy]...We are not the same"--Clipse

Seriously, why the fuck would you even bring up some bullshit like that up. It's like a smack in the face. So you feel like you can relate to me because you used to use to scribble bullshit back in the day? Getthefuckouttahere. We are not the same.

Not even close.

That shit really pisses me off. This is my life. I take this art shit very seriously. You'll never see somebody go up to a lawyer like "Word you're a lawyer...I used to argue a lot". No...because you'd look fucking retarded...Well that's how I look at folks wen they come up at me with the bull shit. Yeah sorry to disappoint you slugger...but it's way more than that.

In fact in all my days, I've only kept it real with one of the fuckers that have came to me with that bullshit. Same scenario and I told him straight up...

I can take a shit, wipe my ass, and my wipings alone would be better than anything you could come up with.

I should keep it real more often.


  1. ""Word you're a lawyer...I used to argue a lot""

    I laughed out loud. LOL!

    You are right though :)

  2. hahhahahahahahhahahaha tell 'em why you mad son!

  3. hehe! I feel you. But maybe they are trying to find a way to relate to you because they are inspired.

  4. lol....only thing popped in my head is from the Wu CD...ODB on "Dog Shit": "that means hoe, you've been SHIT-TED ON!! I'm not the first dog that shitted on your lawn!"

  5. "Word you're a lawyer...I used to argue a lot".


  6. ahhh man. I feel you 10000000000%. I hate that shit. This is my job, my love, my career choice & it pisses me off when it's taken as just a "hobby". Especially when I think of what I sacrificed & things I missed out on to pursue a career in this.