Friday, May 15, 2009

"Flyer than the rest of them..."

So I went to the Wale concert last night. If you don't know who Wale is smack yourself then google and download his mix tape immediately. You won't regret it.

Anyways so I went to the concert and the first thing I did was hit the bar to get a beer...It was then I see that these muhsukkas are charging 4 bucks for a damn bottle of Budweiser(about 2 bucks too much). I can sit here and talk shit but the bottom line is I paid the I guess it wasn't ridiculous enough to turn me away (like it should have been)...I should've took the price as some sort of sign...but yeah I copped a brew drunk that shit before even the warm up acts came on stage...and as a result I let out 3 of theeeee foulest beer burps I have let out ever in life. I looked like Barney from the Simpsons and shit...I could've sworn I saw physical stink lines coming out of my mouth. So I'm thinking to myself "Fuck!!! I gotta find some gum immediately or everybody around me is in for a rough night.

Nobody had any gum.

I apologize to all the concert goers where ever ya'll may be, because though I was considerate enough to try to keep my conversations limited...I was at a damn concert so I did a lot of umm yeah...

Wale did his thing. I'd highly reccomend seeing him perform if you ever have the chance.

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