Saturday, May 23, 2009

Not a good look...

But then again...I can't really get on dude too had because this ish happens...Basically, (what it looks like is) Charles said some ish he shouldn't have said and ol girl got so mad she swung. It happens... I mean it's not like ol girl str8 A town stomped (remember that shit?) his ass...then I'd be like "OOOOH SHIT HE'S DONE!!!"...but this shit is protocol as hell. Funny as hell!...but ordinary.

If anything I'd get on him about the pink panther on his arm...what are you doing fam??? I don't even think ol girl hit him because she was mad. I think the was trying to win the toy on the

Oh yeah and... big up to Chuck for proving all those cats who doubt his free styles authenticity wrong by getting punched and then rapping about it.


  1. hahaha at the reverse chris brown tag

  2. you know his jaw hurt though LOL
    he was outta line, for real