Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Root! Root! Root for the home team!!

I don't get it y'all. Whenever you watch the news and they cover a suicide story...one of the things they always make sure they do is get a couple folks on camera saying about how much they wish they could've told the person who killed themself how important they were to them and in so many words... to the world at large. EVERY TIME. The optimist in me likes to think that those parts of the reports aren't total bullshit and that everyone has somebody in there life that is cheering them on. The realist inside of me knows better. Most of the time you have to be your own cheering section. It's just life and unfortunately...some times death for many people.

So with that knowledge, it low key pisses me off when I run into people who talk about they don't like a certain person because they are too cocky/confident...yadda yadda yadda. I can see if they followed such a statement by saying that the person in question was an asshole or treated people like shit...then such a statement would seem warranted.. But that's almost never the case. The truth is cats see a person who has the extremely difficult task of appearing like they actually like themselves, are proud of their accomplishments and/or have faith in their abilities down pact...and it fucks with them enough that they result to hate.

That bugs me. Mainly because I hate buying into that whole "Hater" ideal at all. Too many people, especially in our community, have turned it into something like the boogey man or something when the truth is some of you aren't doing shit to aquire such attention. Sorry slugger that whole Katt Williams line about getting haters requires you getting off your ass.

Anywho....I hope none of my readers resort to such backwards thinking. If you do, please self examine and fix that shit before you poison your life(and the lives of others). Thank you.

Sincerely ,
--Your #1 fan


  1. it will always be easier to project what you dont like about yourself or are lacking onto other people to make yourself feel better...i guess people dont seem to realize when they are cuttin on someone else they are usually most bothered by a trait they themselves possess

    this hater bull shit could only be a conspiracy to occupy our time while the world changes before our very eyes

    Silky Johnson would be proud

  2. Katt Williams killed it with that "hater" crap. Got a whole bunch of people who aren't doing anythng in life, thinking people are hating on them lol *smh*

    The cocky situation: its kinda why i never really get mad at Kanye when he goes on his rants. If he doesn't believe in himself, who will?