Wednesday, May 13, 2009


What the hell is going on my peoples??? I was sitting down the other day and a K-Y jelly commercial comes on with a couple in bed talking about K-Y just invented some new gel that is scientifically proven to increase pleasure...And I'm sitting there thinking....

Are cats out there really having that much wack sex???

Seriously folks. I've seen enough commercials for gels and penis pills to last me 2 lifetimes...This shit is getting ridiculous. Now if I'm just being ignorant of other peoples sexual inadequacies then I apologize...but got dayum man... how much shit do you need?!?! When did a hard dick and tongue become not enough???

Let me know folks...because personally I'm baffled.


  1. lmao...real shit. If you can't get it in with the tools God gave you, (age withstanding) you need to probably sit the next few plays of LIFE out...

  2. know we Americans are insatiable in a society where cell phones take pictures, surf the web, play music and conference call your baby momma with your granny.

    I'll be damned if a penis doesn't glow in the dark, smell like cotton candy, make me feel like it's 4th of July in my crotch AND stay hard for 8 hours straight.

  3. Man, I've noticed the same thing in recent months all these sex commercials. Just saw a new Trogan one I think for women's self pleasure. You know its bad then I start seeing Hooters commercials on TV. lol

  4. lol people always looking for more.

  5. @OMG: Damn son..."sit a few plays of life out"
    @Azuree: You are silly as hell. Also I may have to contact some judges to make sure you stay at least 20 miles away from the people at Trojan and K-Y at all times.
    @Phellah: Damn... a hooters commercial???

  6. That stuff is mostly geared to old people. Just like your eyesight gets worse as you get older, so does other parts of your body. Hell, if you've been effing for 30 years, stuff might start to get boring and certain functions don't work like they used to. Now if you're 20 something needing this stuff, I feel sorry for you, but by the time you're 58, you'll probably be poppin a pill, and rubbing all kinds of liquids and potions all over everything to get it poppin' lol