Wednesday, May 27, 2009

toying around

In the beginning, I didn't know what I wanted to make. I just knew I needed an interesting looking character. A good friend of mine had shown me some retro drawings and that influenced the character's facial features (mouth, nose, shape of head)...After I put that down I wanted to put a piece of me in there...And the idea of the placebo has been struggling to get into my work. (Put shortly: A placebo is a fake pill that time and time again has actually given it's user their desired affects...The mind is far more powerful than we give it credit) So I gave the characer pills for eyes. At this point I didn't know what angle I wanted the eyes at.

This is an early top(aerial)view guide of the body...which I've since abandoned

An early idea for the gun arms modeled after the AR-15 assault rifle. The clip would have connected to the shoulders. After much consideration I thought it might make it look handicapped. And decided to work the idea in another direction

Here is the front view minus the gun arms*. I was trying to get my angles straight also I wasn't sure how thick I wanted the tires. Here you can see I had the character in a diaper. I really didn't care about it's weirdness. A (toy/figurine/art piece) can get away with being weird. It just didn't give me what I wanted. which is didn't look cool to me. So I got rid of it.

I contemplated making the character part baby, part dinosaur, part gun, and part car but didn't like how it looked from the side. So I've since abandoned that. Here is a rough sketch for me to get an idea of how everything will look...minus the gun arms

Thinner wheels in this one. I was still considering the AR-15 arms and was concerned about the wheels being in the way so I did this quick diagram to give me an idea. Also in this diagram. I started thinking about color in this one. I liked the color off jump.

Here once again is the completed head I posted a couple blogs back.

Here is where I am now...I'm still not satisfied with this...Mainly it's the torso that is giving me problems. It just looks awkward to me. And my goal is to make this look as cool as possible. Anyways...

Influences that have helped me get the project to this point:

I like the proportions initailly...I'm starting to think it's a Bobby thing

Basically, I just saw an opportunity to make the Circulatory System "fresh"

I straight up robbed Mega Man's arm. and made a copy.

I love the style of Vintage Kellog's Cereal Boxes

Ed 209 from Robocop. One of my favorite "characters"(?) from a movie. Style-wise I looked at it a lot.

Still much more work to do. More to come


  1. hey this is nice. its definitely fresh and new, keep at it!

  2. i like the progression i'm sure you'll perfect it soon

  3. I agree with the above. I like the looks and feels and the diversity and versatility is dope!